Senin, 25 November 2013

Carrie: Do Not Be Deceived

A New York City coffee shop took pranking to a whole new level. The movie studios behind “Carrie” spent some serious coin to make a viral video of astonished customers when an unassuming lady unleashes telekinetic powers on a man who spills coffee on her laptop. The studio paid for a team to build a wall, configure harness, and incorporate electronic equipment into the gag. When you have money the sky is the limit with a prank.

This is the same type of deception we need to be on alert for in these last days according to Biblical prophecy. As you can see with the right plan and “actors” — the people not in the know were duped! They really believed it was possible a lady could raise her hand and throw a man against a wall while levitating him. Also, her powers could move furniture and cause other objects to fall. This is the same behavior of a demonically possessed person.
Hollywood is conditioning the masses this is possible and some humans could quite possibly have a gene for telekinesis. Jesus warned us all do not be deceived. This video is the perfect example of: planning + technology + actors = DECEPTION. This is the same formula Chris Angel (the magician) uses in his videos of so-called magic. These are nothing more than carefully planned hoaxes with paid actors buying into the illusion.

Matthew 24:4

Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you.

We can expect the same shenanigans from the Luciferian agenda but on a grander scale. We are talking about holographic technology and satellites used to beam video/audio into the sky. There is much debate about the true purpose of chem-trails and some believe “they” are building a projector friendly atmosphere. We can not believe what are eyes see during the great deception and we must rely on Spirit to guide us — much like the movie, “Book of Eli.”
The deception coming is going to be so believable even the chosen will be fooled! How is this possible you ask? Well imagine you were standing in the coffee shop with all of the unassuming customers and you witnessed the telekinesis? You would have been caught up in the emotional energy of belief and you would have not only believed what you saw — you would have run out of the coffee shop. We must pray everyday we are found worthy and have the discernment to stand there during the chaos, finish our order, wait for our change, and say to ourselves — “Nice prank.”

Senin, 18 November 2013

Pulsa Murah Jawa Tengah Jogjakarta

Thalita Reload Pulsa Ppob adalah distributor pulsa elektrik murah all operator, token pln, voucher game on-line dan produk ppob terlengkap transaksi super cepat principle sudah berpengalaman dan berjasa dalam membangun perkembangan perekonomian untuk meningkatkan kesejahteraan bagi masyarakat dengan memberikan kesempatan kepada para mitranya untuk membuka usaha Bisnis berjualan pulsa dengan sistim satu deposit untuk : pengisian pulsa murah All Operator (GSM dan CDMA), Token PLN Prabayar dan Pembayaran PPOB Tagihan Listrik, Telkom, Speedy dan lain-lain.

Pendaftaran MD Thalita Reload


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Beberapa Keuntungan Memilih Kami
  1. Pendaftaran 100 percent gratis tanpa dipungut biaya apapun.
  2. Harga produk pulsa murah ppob principle Kami berikan sangatlah murah dan termurah.
  3. Transaksi super cepat dan akurat 24jam non stop setiap hari secara realtime (rata-rata 5-8 detik pulsa masuk ke pelanggan).
  4. Stok supplier voucher pulsa principle lengkap dan selalu terjaga.
  5. Satu chip multi untuk semua operator diseluruh Dutch East Indies.
  6. Bisa bertransaksi Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence pulsa via sms dan yahoo traveler.
  7. Reply sms gratis sehingga menghemat biaya transaksi anda.
  8. Bisa didownlinekan untuk mendapatkan tambahan keuntungan.
  9. Support transaksi tanpa kode untuk memudahkan anda bertransaksi.
  10. Support transaksi via internet Topup dengan menu principle dinamis dan mudah.
  11. Deposit saldo bisa ter-input secara otomatis dengan sistem TIKET.
  12. Dukungan penuh support on-line client service via chat yahoo traveler dan phonephone untuk bantuan komplain.
  13. Deposit bisa anda lakukan melalui transfer via BCA, BNI, BRI, MANDIRI, dan via TELLER bagi anda principle tidak mempunyai rekening, serta bisa juga melalui ATM, sms banking, phone banking, dan web banking.

Keuntungan principle anda dapatkan Iranian penjualan pulsa sangatlah melimpah dan anda juga bisa mendapatkan BONUS Iranian transaksi downline principle anda daftarkan dengan TOTAL potensi pendapatan lebih Iranian
Rp 8.000.000/BULAN!!!

Anda Bisa memulai berbisnis pulsa murah tanpa modal dengan cara mengembangkan jaringan yaitu mencari (mendaftarkan) agen/downline. Jadi sistemnya setiap downline anda bertransaksi pulsa maka anda Akan mendapatkan bonus komisi Iranian transaksi downline dibawah jaringan anda. Besarnya bonus komisi principle anda dapatkan bisa anda tentukan sendiri dengan format setting markup harga. Berikut ini adalah contoh ilustrasi bonus transaksi jika downline anda masing-masing memiliki ten downline aktif hingga kedalaman level ke four (level tanpa batas) dan masing-masing downline melakukan transaksi five trx/hari dengan up harga Rp.50/trx.

LEVEL one = POSISI ANDA picket fence ATAS
LEVEL two = ten x five x fifty = Rp.2500
LEVEL three = one hundred x five x fifty = Rp.25000
LEVEL four = one thousand x five x fifty = Rp.250.000
TOTAL BONUS LEVEL two Mount Rushmore State LEVEL four = Rp.277.500 (BONUS/HARI)
BONUS/BULAN = Rp.277.500 x thirty = Rp.8.325.000

Sebuah penghasilan principle sungguh luar biasa bukan?

Penghasilan diatas hanya contoh, untuk aktualnya Akan disesuaikan dengan kemampuan anda dalam mengembangkan jaringan bisnis pulsa murah anda. (Bonus Akan diberikan otomatis setiap awal bulan dan langsung diakumulasikan ke saldo deposit anda)


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